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I have created Topimagesites because I wanted to try to organize the world of stock image websites.


Because some time ago, I needed more than 100 images for a website I was creating. I wanted lots of high-definition and fabulous looking images to make the website look great.

But I couldn’t find a great guide to help me with images.

For instance, I didn’t know where to get images from. Could I just use any image I found on the web?

I also didn’t know if there were places where I could buy lots of images cheaply.

So because this guide didn’t exist, I decided to create it.

And hence Topimagesites was born.

stock image website
free stock images

But, let’s rewind to before Topimagesites was born..

After doing a bit of research, I learned that to download images from anywhere on the web is not a particularly smart idea.

The reason is that any image has one (or more) owner(s), and these owners have legal rights to the images.

So, if I were to use images on my website that other persons or companies had legal rights to, I could be sued by the owners and could end up having to pay large penalties.

Therefore, I discarded this option.

I learned that in order to obtain legal rights to use images, there were three alternatives:

1) I could either take or create the images myself, 2) I could use free images that anyone had the right to use, or 3) I could buy the rights to use these images.

For me to take 100 images was out of the question.

For starters, I didn’t have the time for this. Also, I didn’t have a great camera, and I knew very little about how to take fabulous images.

To use free images that anyone had the legal right to use, seemed like a good idea as it would save me money.

However, I ran into a few problems when pursuing this option:

Firstly, most of the websites that offer free images that can be used freely have a limited number of images. I therefore found it difficult to find enough images that I really liked.

Even after going though several of these free sites, I didn’t find many images I wanted to use. Therefore, it was a bit pointless using free stock image sites if I could only find a fraction of the images I needed.

Secondly, the image quality of these images was generally not the greatest.

purchase images
Best deal stock images

I mean, it was OK for the most part, but often the images were not ultra-razor sharp and super-high resolution. And for my website, I really wanted outstanding images only.

Lastly, many of these free images are also used by several other people and websites – website creators, bloggers, designers, etc., so whichever images I chose would also be used several other places on the web.

And I didn’t want my images to also be found on hundreds of other blogs and websites out there.

That said, if you want to check out the top 10 free stock image websites, take a look here.

So since the two first options were not viable, I looked into purchasing the rights to use the images I needed.

I didn’t at the time know that there were in fact lots of stock image websites that provided images.

However, after did some research, I found a few stock image websites that I liked.

I compared 4 of these agencies against each other and picked one that seemed good. I purchased a plan that allowed me to download 750 stock images and ended up paying less than $0.50 per image.

However, had Topimagesites been around when I needed my images, it would have made my life a lot easier. And it would also have saved me a bit of money.

I have therefore created Topimagesites to make life easier for other people.

If you are looking for images for your website, your design work, your advertising campaign, your blog or for anything else, Topimagesites will help you find your stock images.

Firstly, Topimagesites lets you quickly review all the top stock image websites.

You can compare the different stock image sites to see how many images each site has, what features are available and what prices they offer.

stock image special offer

Topimagesites will also quickly get you up to speed on licenses, legal aspects, and stock images in general, etc.

And you can also do a quick search on Topimagesites for any image, and get the top 4 images from all the top stock image websites.

In other words, if you want to find amazing sailboat stock images, you can search for the term “sailboat” here, and you will quickly see the best sailboat images from about 1 billion stock images.

The aim of Topimagesites is to:

1) provide you with all the information you need about stock images, 2) help you find the right stock images, 3) get you the best prices on stock images, and 4) save you time and effort.

Btw, you save money by using our coupons and discounts.

Kind regards,