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The Best Stock Image Websites

After having tested and used more than 30 stock image websites (including all that are featured on Topimagesites), our top pics for the best stock image websites are Dreamstime, ShutterstockDepositphotos and Adobe Stock.

If you need lots of images (750) in a short period of time, for instance if you just finished your website and you want to add lots of images, the best stock image sites are Dreamstime and Shutterstock.

Dreamstime has a very large collection of images (+80 million) and it has fantastic image quality – but it is also the cheapest stock image site for large number of stock images.

Dreamstime lets you download 750 images during a one-month period for $219 (no annual commitment). If you use our 25% discount, you get this for $164. That is $0.22 per image.

Shutterstock is our other favorite stock image site for large number of images because it has the largest collection of images. You can select from more than 200 milllion stock images on Shutterstock.

Dreamstime discount images
Depositphotos discount images

With Shutterstock, you can download 750 images during a one-month period for $249 (no annual commitment). If you use the 10% discount, you get this for $221. That is $0.30 per image.

If all you need is 10 images, and that’s it – the best stock image site is Adobe Stock. That is because Adobe Stock lets you choose any 10 of their more than 100 million stock images for free.

If you instead need up to 30 stock images in one month, our recommendation for the best stock image website is Depositphotos

Depositphotos also has a very large collection of images (+80 million), has fantastic image quality and is best on price for up to 30 stock images.

With Depositphotos you can download 30 images during a one-month period for $29 (no annual commitment). That is $0.97 per image.

To learn more about how to choose the best stock image websites for your purposes, please read on.

How To Choose The Best Stock Image Websites

There are three key factors that determine which stock image agency you should go with: pricequality and number of images.

The Price Of The Stock Images

The first factor to consider would normally be the price you pay per product. Because you don’t want to spend more money than you have to.

Some stock image websites are cheaper than others if you only need one or a few images, while others have inexpensive plans if you need hundreds of products.

If you need 1-10 stock images, go with Adobe Stock. Here you get 10 images for  free.

If you need 11-30 stock images (or 11-30 images per month), go with Depositphotos. Here you get 30 stock images for $29.

If you need 100 stock images, go with Dreamstime. Here you get 100 stock images for $54 (special offer).

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If you need more than 500 stock images, also go with Dreamstime. Here you get 750 stock images for $164 (after the 25% discount).

The Quality Of The Stock Images

Quality of the products is the second key factor. When you use stock images, you want outstanding, ultra-sharp, high resolution, stunning images.

A picture can communicate a thousand words, and when you add an image to your website, blogpost or ad, you want a top quality image to help you to powerfully drive home the message you want to communicate.

All the stock image agencies we have reviewed on Topimagesites have stock images that are of extremely high quality.

Therefore, whether you chose ShutterstockDreamstimeDepositphotos123RFAdobe StockGetty ImagesAlamyPanthermediaPond5, iStock or Envato, you will find super high quality stock images.

The Number Of Stock Images

The third key factor is the number of images that this stock image website carries.

Generally speaking, the more images the stock image website has, the more likely you are to find what you need.

Particularly if you need hundreds of images for your website or blog, or if you need images over a long period of time, you will want to have as large of a selection as possible.

In order to accomplish this, you want to see that the stock image website you choose has around 100 million stock images or more.

In terms of numbers, the undisputed leader is Shutterstock, with more than 200 million stock images.

However, all these stock image agencies have about 100 million or more stock images: DreamstimeDepositphotos123RFAdobe StockGetty ImagesAlamy, and Panthermedia, and are therefore solid choices.

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Stock Video (Or Stock Footage)

Let’s not forget about videos! Although it is critical to use images wisely today, the future may very well see more and more use of videos instead of images.

If the increased use of platforms like Youtube is any indication, we suspect that videos will become more and more prevalent on websites, blogposts, ads, social media, etc.

And this has not gone unnoticed by the large stock image websites. Many of them also have a large collection of stock videos.

The agencies that are furthest ahead with stock footage are Shutterstock and Pond5. Both agencies have more than 10 million stock videos. Pond5 by the way specializes in stock footage rather than images.

If you need videos for your project, we would recommend both Pond5 and Shutterstock as both have large collections of stock footage as well as very good quality. You can find high quality videos for around $50 a piece both places.

Other agencies to consider for your videos are Dreamstime, Depositphotos123RFAdobe Stock, Getty Images, and Alamy, as these agencies all have more than 2 million videos each.

Stock Audio (Music And Sound Effects)

Music and sound effects are also becoming increasingly more popular in on websites, ads, social media and other digital content.

I you want stock audio or sound effects, we would recommend Pond5 as it has more than one million audio files, has great quality and is reasonably priced.

The other agencies that carry music and audio files are ShutterstockDreamstime123RFGetty Images, and Envato.

We hope this review was helpful and that you find what you need,
The Topimagesites Team

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