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10 Best Free Image Sites

The 10 Best Free Stock Image Sites

Do you want free stock images? Then look no further!

We are about to give you the 10 absolute best places to get free stock images. We have used all the major free stock image sites on the web, and this is our firm verdict.

Btw, all the images on this page are from these free sites. All other images on Topimagesites are from paid sites. What do you think?

To make this guide as user-friendly as possible, we have only included sites where no attribution is required (meaning you do not have to add text to or below the image with the name of the copyright holder).

We have also only included sites that has a search option, so that you can search for the images you want instead of having to look through all of them.

In addition, we have only included websites that have images that you can use freely, both for commercial purposes and personal use.

The images on these free websites are covered under either a creative commons zero (CC0) license, a royalty-free license, a rights-managed license or its own custom license (which will normally be very close to a royalty-free license).

commercial and personal images use freely
free stock images

What are our thoughts on using free stock images?

We think they can be great and can absolutely get the job done. Sometimes. It just all depends on the project.

If you have a small project, for instance a website, or blogpost or presentation that only needs a few images, you can normally find what you need on these free stock images websites.

If you on the other hand need lots of images (lets’s say more than 30), you might struggle finding what you need, and you might spend lots of time searching.

Here is the deal:

One single paid stock image websites often has more than 100 million images. If you add together all the images from the truly free websites on this page, you get about 5 million images.

With fewer images available, it is more difficult to find exactly what you need.

Also, if you need super high quality images, you may not find what you need on the free image sites.

Although the quality of images on free stock image websites can sometimes be great, the quality on paid stock image websites is normally significantly better.


Because in order for an image to be accepted to the paid stock image sites, it has pass a very strict quality review process. As a result, low quality images are rejected and you are left with super high resolution and very high quality images.

We have tested this in practice:

We tried using free stock images for a high-profile project for which we needed about 75 stunning images. We searched all the major free stock image websites. But we only found about 20-30 images we were happy to use.

That is still good, because we were able to find some really great ones. But in order to complete the project we also needed to use images from paid stock image sites.

super high quality stock images
image with unique-factor


If your project is high profile and you expect it to reach a large number of people, we recommend using paid stock images.

Not only are you more likely to find exactly what you need, and also get better quality. But the images you select will typically be much more unique.

Free stock images are often used by thousands (or sometimes tens of thousands) of people. Because they are free. Because users don’t have to pay for them, they are being used over and over again.

You are therefore likely to encounter them on several websites, blogposts, social media posts, etc.

Paid stock images on the other hand, are normally significantly less used. Therefore, when you use these paid images, you could be the only one using them, or at least the images would have a much higher ‘unique-factor’.


Free images are good if you need few or if quality is less of a concern. If you need lots and you are a stickler for quality, paid stock images is a better bet.

In any case, we have found that mixing free and paid images can sometime yield great results.

Here Are Our 10 Favorite Free Stock Image Websites

Adobe Stock images What is Adobe Stock doing on this list? Isn’t Adobe Stock one of the premium paid stock image websites? It is. And it also gives you any 10 of its images away for free. Wait, you can search through all Adobe Stock images and pick 10 you like..? Yup! If you want super high quality images, this offer is too good to pass up.

You can select from more than 100 million images that cover almost any imaginable subject. Hence, you will almost certainly find what you are looking for. You can select photos, illustrations and vectors, and you can filter your search to be very specific. The images are also organized by categories, which gives you the opportunity to browse a particular category for the images you want. The images are covered by royalty-free and rights-managed licenses.

stock images free trial
best stock image websites

Bigstock stock imagesBigstock? Another paid stock image websites that offers free images? That’s right. Bigstock lets you select any 35 of its stock images for free (5 a day for 7 days). You can select from more than 70 million high quality images covering most subjects. You can also filter your search, and browse through categories.

You can choose from photos, illustrations and vectors. But not only that, Bigstock also lets you select 35 free video clips! Bigstock’s offers are also too good to pass up. The images are covered by royalty-free and rights-managed licenses.

Pixabay stock imagesPixabay is our favorite of the truly free stock image sites. It has more than 1 million images and you can choose as many as you want without limitation. Quality is overall quite good. As you search for images, you can narrow down your search by photo, vector, illustration, orientation, size, color, etc., as well as browse by category.

When you look at an image, it will tell you how many times it has been liked and added to someone’s favorites. You can also choose the size of the file before you download an image. Pixabay even has free videos. The licenses are covered by the creative commons zero (CC0) license .

Freeimages stock imagesFreeimages is another great resource for free images. It has more than 400,000 images and you can download as many as you want without limitation. Quality is good for the most part. You can browse by categories, and filter your search.

You can also download images in various size formats. And in addition, you can see how many likes and dislikes each image has received. The images are under a custom license.

Unsplash stock imagesUnsplash is another good free stock image site and a great place to find free images about nature, landscapes, cityscapes and scenery. Unsplash has more than 500,000 images, all of which can be downloaded freely. Overall quality of images is rather good. You can also browse by category.

When you open an image, it will tell you how many times it has been viewed, how many times it has been downloaded and also how many likes it has. The Unsplash license is a custom license, but similar to a royalty-free license.

best stock video sites
royalty free photos

Stockfreeimages stock imagesStockfreeimages is also a free stock image site we like a lot. It is run by Dreamstime (one of the premium paid stock image websites) and has more than 2 million images that you can download for free. However, you only have free access to the images for one week. But hopefully you can find what you need in one week.

The quality of images vary, but you will find some very good images here. You can’t filter your searches but you can browse by category. The images are covered by royalty-free licenses.

Freerange stock imagesFreerange is another good site for free stock images. It has more than 100,000 images that you can download freely. Although quality varies somewhat, there are many great free images on this site. You can also download different sizes of the images.

Freerange lets you find images by category, newest, popular, and you can select between photos an illustrations. The images are licensed under what’s called Equalicense, which is similar to a royalty-free license.

Rgbstock stock imagesRgbstock is yet another good site for free stock images. You find more than 100,000 images on Rgbstock and the images are overall of good quality. You can select categories and you can also sort your search results by new, old, least downloads and most downloads.

When you open an image, it will tell you how many times it has been viewed, how many times it has been downloaded and also how many likes it has. The images are covered by royalty-free licenses.

StockSnap imagesStockSnap is also another good place for free images. It has more than 40,000 images of mostly good quality. StockSnap allows you to search by what’s trending, views, downloads and favorites. It also has several categories of images.

When you look at an image, it will tell you how many times it has been viewed, downloaded and added to someone’s favorites. The images are under a custom license.

Pexels stock imagesPexels is also a good resource for free stock images. It has more than 30,000 images and quality is quite good. You find categories of images and you can also narrow your search by color. Pexels also has free videos. Images are under the creative commons zero (CC0) license.

best image websites