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The Importance Of Images – Topimagesites Infographic

The human brain is a product of hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Through these millions years, our eyes have evolved to provide the brain with visual information that has been critical for our survival and well-being. In particular, our eyes have helped us to quickly spot dangers and find food.

Although we don’t necessarily need to escape dangerous animals and search for fruits in the wild anymore, our eyes and brain are still very much adapted for these tasks. Although our lives have changed tremendously over the last 10,000 years, the basics of our brains have not.

Therefore, we are experts at processing colors, shapes and movements. Simply put, our brains love images and videos. And much more so than plain text. This is critical for how you communicate a message to your audience. By correctly using visuals that are easier for our brains to process, your message can be understood better and quicker. This infographic attempts at illustrating this point.