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March 17,  2017

Dreamstime Reviews Stock Images Using Artificial Intelligence

By Topimagessites

Dreamstime has taken a revolutionary step in the world of stock photography. It has implemented a proprietary artificial intelligence(AI) system that screens stock images through sophisticated algorithms.

The machine has been designed to review the images from the perspective of the human editors at Dreamstime. It can be applied to multiple areas of the submission process. For instance, it notifies the users that they need a model release or recognises if a copyright logo is present in the image, etc. It detects features in the submitted images and triggers rejections if required.

The use of AI will benefit both the photographers and end users. Photographers will receive a streamlined review period for images. This enables acceptance of more content so better revenues. End buyers will benefit from a refined search due to AI produced data.

Future plans of AI include the addition of customer behavior data which will indicate what type of images are popular.


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