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March 04,  2017

Unique Free Stock Photo Resources

By Topimagessites

 Demand for stock images has prompted the creation of several stock image websites. There are also websites which offer free images to bloggers.

Although they offer numerous images, their limitation is that they provide a small number of images across a broad range of categories. The user may also need to search a number of websites. This makes the selection of images a time-consuming process. This is because the user has to sift through a large volume of images to find the relevant ones.

However, there are a few free stock websites that cater to specific niches and categories making image selection easy. Each of these sites has its own licensing rules. It is better to be clear about them before accessing an image from the site.

This article provides information about 6 of them: Gratisography, New Old Stock, FoodiesFeed, Startup Stock Photos, KaboomPics and Minimography.


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