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March 07,  2017

Suzanne Gipsons Ingredients For Success in Stock Photography

By Topimagessites

Suzanne Gipson’s stock images have made a mark by appearing in ads for brands such as Visa, Band-aid, Oxiclean, etc. She has also wanted to share her knowledge and therefore created a course teaching other people how to take successful stock images. And she is also sharing her top strategies with us in this article.

Her top six tip for her success while shooting stock images are:

1. Shoot authentic images with which the audience feels an emotional link.

2. Be creative with your composition and frame only what you want to show.

3. Avoid Logos

4. Give your editors a range of photos shot from different angles to choose from.

5. Stock companies prefer photographs that are unique. Capture photos which reflect your unique perspective in life.

6. Have fun while shooting stock images. However, use fun moments with your family only as an inspiration. Don’t share family images with stock companies.


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