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March 20,  2017

The Vital Role of Quality Images on Websites

By Topimagessites

For most businesses to be successful, whether its a traditional retail business or an online one, they need to have a thriving presence in the digital world. People expect to be able to contact any business online and get a response almost immediately.

A vital part in achieving a thriving online presence is having a user-friendly, easy to navigate and pretty website. For this, images are an absolute must. And the images should be of very high quality. Not only does this support the content and make the website aesthetically pleasing, it also pleases Google. Google search engines give preference to websites with high quality images supporting high quality content.

High-quality images also enhance user engagement. Articles with images get 94% more views than articles without, and 67% of consumers think that the quality of an image depicting a product plays an important role for them when following through with a purchase.


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